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How to Put Your Money to Work

The Gone Fishin' Portfolio is designed for those who want a powerful and sophisticated system for managing their money, but who prefer to dedicate their time and energy to the things they value most, whether that's growing prize tomatoes, playing Pebble Beach, or reeling in marlin off Costa Rica's Pacific coast.

In the book, I describe exactly how to put your long-term capital to work - and what you need to do to keep your investments on track year after year. Advice this specific is virtually unheard of in the world of investment books.

Ordinarily, the author describes general principles and techniques - which may or may not be sound - and then leaves the reader to apply them. You're left to survey the investment landscape and make the right decisions. But since there are no specific instructions, most folks probably do little or nothing.

But the Gone Fishin' Portfolio is different. It's not a smorgasbord of choices. Instead, it's dead simple. In the book, I present a single portfolio designed to meet your long-term investment goals.

Buying the exact recommendations found in the book is liberating. It means you're finally handling your serious money in a highly effective way.

And if you have the discipline to stick to it, you will reach your long-term investment goals while outperforming the vast majority of professional money managers along the way.